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The Story of Planert Creek Press

Planert Creek Press was casually founded in 1992 as Planert Creek Arts and Communications. Named for a small, spring-fed creek on family land in northern Wisconsin, Planert Creek Arts and Communications offered freelance writing, editing, web development services, greeting cards, wedding invitations and custom-quilting.

In early 2008, Planert Creek reorganized as an independent book publisher and the name was changed to Planert Creek Press. "River of Hope: My Journey with Kathy in Search of Healing from Lou Gehrig's Disease" was published in July 2008. Later that same year their first digital e-book was published, music video was produced and audiobook recorded. A music publishing division, simply called Planert Creek, was created in 2009.

In 2011 Planert Creek Press began to specialize in 3-D books with the publication of "Wisconsin Wildflowers in 3D" (2011) and "The Magic of 3D Photography" (2012). 3D greeting cards were added in 2014.

David's long interest in history led to the popular Postcards fromthe Past series, beginning with Postcards from the Past: Then and Now Pictures of Menomonie, Wisconsin (2014), followed by postcards books for Dunn County, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.

A small flock of backyard chickens brought about Uncle Eggbert's Egg Book (2017).

The first book in the Secret Santa trilogy of middle-grade novels was published in 2015, with book three coming out in 2020.


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