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The Magic of 3D Photography

3D glasses
3D glasses included

Author David Tank is the 2013, 2014 and 2017 winner of the Artist's Choice Award at 3DCon, the convention of the National Stereoscopic Association

The Magic of 3D Photography

by David Tank

A fun and entertaining way for young readers to learn about and experience stereoscopic photography.

  • 44 pages
  • Full-color pictures throughout, most in 3D
  • The perfect gift for curious middle-schoolers
  • 3D glasses included
  • Paperback 8.375" x 10.8 "
  • ISBN 978-0-9815064-3-2
  • $21.95 Publisher-Direct Price $15Save up to 50%

Makes a great gift!

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[Samples are low-resolution. Images will appear in 3D when viewed through red/cyan glasses.]

What people are saying about The Magic of 3D Photography
“With plenty of eye candy to excite and challenge the young mind, The Magic of 3D Photography is an excellent primer on the history and foundations of the stereoscopic medium.”
—Rob Engle, 3D filmmaker
A great example of making education fun. You will find yourself reaching out and touching the pages. I never got tired of looking at all those pictures coming right at me.”
—Tim Fitzgerald, librarian
“This book is an excellent overview of 3D photography, with clear explanations and many interesting illustrations. It is important that children learn more about this fascinating and important form of imaging. I would recommend this to anyone, including adults.
—George “Dr. T” Themelis, 3D photographer, educator & writer
Children, as well as nostalgics, will have lots of fun looking at photos that pop through the pages, answering questions and learning about the history of 3D. Don your 3D glasses and have an entertaining read!”
—Nancy Walter, publisher, Family Times Newspaper
“3D is deeper than any movie, older than photography itself and loads of fun. David Tank demonstrates all of this in exciting pictures and clear language, without talking down to anybody of any age.”
—John Dennis, editor, Stereo World magazine
“Destined to become a go-to resource in understanding the scientific principle of 3D imagery. Middle school students will enjoy the interactive layout as they make connections to today’s 3D movies and the beginning photographic technology of the early 1800s. I would recommend this title in any classroom or home library.”
—Elizabeth Schuster, 6th grade language arts teacher

This book will excite, entertain and educate kids all at once! Combining the mechanics, history and modern uses of 3D images brings the concept home in a way that middle-school-age kids will surely enjoy. The current popularity of 3D in movies and print makes this book both timely and fun!”
—Bob Boone, 7th-grade science teacher



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