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An excellent book for anyone who cares about his or her health.

"A story of bravery and love."
—Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

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My Journey with Kathy
in Search of Healing from Lou Gehrig's Disease

by David Tank

Save up to 50%This true story chronicles the frustrations and joys of Kathy Tank as she fought to beat Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), which she referred to as "this monster within me."

Told from the perspective of her husband, River of Hope reveals how a regimen of pharmaceutically-based medical care failed Kathy nearly every step of the way and how she made progress and discovered a sense of hope through alternative approaches to treating her disease.

Kathy's story of determination and hope, her fight to beat a disease that the "experts" told her was unbeatable, is both inspiring and tragic, hopeful and heartbreaking. Along her journey you will be introduced to some of the wonderful, caring people whom Kathy met when she stepped outside of established medicine.

Look insideRiver of Hope is a rare and intimate look into a mysterious disease that, unfortunately, is no longer quite so rare and may not be as mysterious as we thought. You will discover what the couple learned while researching health issues related to toxins in our foods, environment and medicines, and discover what was working for Kathy.

This book may make you laugh. It may make you cry. It will probably make you angry. And it definitely will make you take a more critical look at the care or lack of care that you receive from your health care providers and inspire you to take control of your health care needs.

214 pages
37 photographs
ISBN 978-0-9815064-0-1
Publisher-Direct Price $8.50


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